About the Products

Rotary device needles vibrate and tend to tear the skin. Digital device needles are more precise, smoother on the skin, and use less pigment.

The Sapphire Pro has a Japan made motor, with less strength and running time. Pro devices can only be used with the 4-speed power supply. We do not recommend the Pro to be used with Precision Needles because the needles require a stronger motor for pigment implantation. The Sapphire Elite has a German made motor and is compatible with the iStar power source and the 4-speed power control. We recommend using Precision Needles with this device but the Elite can also be used with the Sapphire Pro series needles.

It really depends on the desired look and technique used! However, our most popular LUMI needles for lip blush are 1L, 3S, and 9UMAG.

Yes! Our #15 Microblading Midas is a manual shader.

Blue Ice is the most popular anesthetic, however it is important to know it only works when applied to broken skin. If applied pre-procedure, without opening the skin it will not work. For a pre-procedure anesthetic we recommend either Zensa or Numpot.

Pigment Shelf Life may vary due to one or all of the following: product storage, exposure to extreme temperatures, opening, cross-contamination, damage, UV Rays, radiation, autoclave, and sterility, absent of preservatives or microbial growth inhibitor(s) & product alteration. Store pigment container in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf life. Recommended Storage Temperatures 20-25˚C (68-77˚F). Each bottle is Lot & Date Coded for product safety and comply with all E.U. directives and regulations.

UNOPENED BOTTLE of pigment has a shelf life from 5-10 years from the date of manufacturing if kept in a cool, dry place and not exposed to any extreme temperatures or UV rays. Based on product ingredients the appropriate expiration date is given.

OPENED BOTTLE should be discarded after one (1) year. This is an international standard that MEI-CHA adheres to for all locations. Pigment bottles should be annotated on the date of opening.

Our pigments are manufactured in FDA certified facility in the USA.

Yes, our pigments are vegan.

Our Black pigment color does not contain carbon.

Yes, our anesthetics and pigments come with MSDS.

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